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Japanese Patent JPH09295272
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To deburr properly, even when a deburring motive power device gripping a deburring tool is mounted on a robot and used.

In a deburring tool 1, an abrasive grain electro-deposited part 12 is formed by that a borazon abrasive grain 13 or diamond abrasive grain 13 with a proper grain diameter is electro-deposited on the surface of other end side, while leaving a handle part 11 on one end side of an elastic metal wire 14. The deburring motive power device 2 grips the handle part of the deburring tool 1 and is formed so as to give a rotation drive and vibration drive or either one of them to the deburring tool 1. The deburring motive power device 2 mounted on the end of the arm A of an industrial robot is sent along an end edge with a burr and removes the burr properly, while putting the abrasive grain electro-deposited part in the crossing direction to the end edge with burr of a work by the operation of the arm A of the industrial robot and being held in a state push-pressed from the side to the end edge and bent by a proper amount.

Takayama, Shiro
Ogata, Akihiko
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Publication Date:
November 18, 1997
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May 02, 1996
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B24D15/04; (IPC1-7): B24D15/04
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遠藤 善二郎 (外1名)