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Japanese Patent JP05038598
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PURPOSE: To discharge and eliminate in a state that moisture contained in garbage remains put into a bag, to make the capacity small and light in weight so as to be handled easily, and also, to facilitate its incinerating treatment.

CONSTITUTION: The decrease vessel is constituted so that on a base plate 8 installed horizontally, a drain port 9 is opened, and also, on the upper face of the drain port 9, a mesh plate 40 provided with plural projections 41 is attached so as to be freely attachable and detachable, and in the lower part of the mesh plate 40, a moisture pan 10 is placed, and on the other hand, a vessel main body 1 is formed by attaching fixedly a cover body 13 to which a cover plate 15 is attached so as to be freely openable and closable, to the upper end opening of a drum part which is like a cylinder whose upper and lower ends are opened and like a bellows, and also, always energized to the upper part by a means of a spring, etc., the vessel main body concerned 1 is provided vertically on the base plate 8 so that the lower end opening closes up the drain port 9, and by pressing downward a bag B containing garbage dropped down onto the mesh plate 40 in the vessel main body 1, by the cover body 13, the bag is pressed against the mesh plate 40, moisture in the garbage is extruded from a gap 44 opened by the plural projections 41, and the moisture is discharged to the moisture pan 10 in the lower part through the mesh plate 40.

Hasegawa, Susumu
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Publication Date:
February 19, 1993
Filing Date:
August 05, 1991
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B30B9/30; B30B9/32; B65F1/10; B30B9/00; B30B9/32; B65F1/10; (IPC1-7): B30B9/30; B65F1/10