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Japanese Patent JPH07218087
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PURPOSE: To realize a deep freezing refrigerator having a vegetable storage chamber in which preservability of green fruit to suffer from low-temperature defect can be enhanced.

CONSTITUTION: A vegetable storage chamber B in which a vessel wall in direct contact with cold gas for cooling is formed of a heat insulator 19 is so provided partly in a conventional vegetable chamber as to be always set to a higher temperature than that of the chamber. A moisture regulating sheet 17 for holding humidity in the chamber B constant and a catalytic filter 18 for regulating atmospheric gas are further arranged partly on the vessel wall. The chamber B is not limited to the existing chamber, but can be provided independently at a predetermined position in a refrigerant. Thus, the chamber is held at 8-10°C adapted to preserve green fruit to suffer from low-temperature defect, and its shelf stability life can be prolonged twice-three times as large as the case of the conventional chamber at a low temperature.

Sano, Akiko
Kitahata, Shoichi
Araki, Kuninari
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Publication Date:
August 18, 1995
Filing Date:
February 08, 1994
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F25D17/08; A23B7/04; F25D11/02; F25D23/00; F25D25/00; (IPC1-7): F25D11/02; F25D17/08; F25D23/00; F25D25/00
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薄田 利幸