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Japanese Patent JPS6480957
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PURPOSE: To improve the inspection accuracy of an extremely small defect by transferring a defect formed in an object area of inspection on an original plate to the resist film as a sample, and then expanding the part where the defect is transferred in an etching process.

CONSTITUTION: The object area of inspection on a mask 1 is transferred to the negative resist film of a 1st sample 10 by exposure and development as a pattern negative transfer part 13, a black defect negative transfer part 14, and a white defect negative transfer part 15. Then the 1st sample 10 is etched to deform the pattern negative transfer part 13 into a reduced negative transfer part 13A, the black defect negative transfer part 14 into an expanded negative transfer part 14A, and the white defect negative transfer part 15 into a disappearing negative transfer part 15A. Similarly, they are deformed into an expanded positive transfer part 23A, a disappearing positive transfer part 24A, and an expanded transfer part 25A on the positive resist film 22 of a 2nd sample. Consequently, even the extremely small defect is inspected with sufficient accuracy.

Tsukagoshi, Masaki
Muramatsu, Kimio
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Publication Date:
March 27, 1989
Filing Date:
September 24, 1987
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G01N21/88; G01N21/956; G03F1/00; G03F1/84; H01L21/027; H01L21/30; H01L21/66; (IPC1-7): G03F1/00; H01L21/30; H01L21/66