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Japanese Patent JP2009039455
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To provide a dental appliance which improves efficiency of removing impurity such as tooth coating, scale inside the peridontal pocket.

The appliance is provided with an optical beam generator 2 for generating optical beams of single or a plurality of wavelengths, a tank 3 filled with an oxidizing agent, and a nozzle 6 internally provided with a light guide path for guiding the optical beams of single or a plurality of wavelengths generated by the optical beam generator 2 and an oxidizing agent guide path for guiding the oxidizing agent supplied from the tank 3. While the tip of the nozzle 6 is inserted between a tooth T and the gum G, the optical beams are emitted from the tip of the nozzle 6 and simultaneously the oxidizing agent is jetted to generate active oxygen by the light action of the optical beams to the oxidizing agent. Thereby, the scale (including the tooth coating) P as the impurity existing on the surface of the tooth T and between the tooth T and the gum G (peridontal pocket) is removed.

Kono, Masahiro
Sugano, Taro
Kudo, Akito
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Publication Date:
February 26, 2009
Filing Date:
August 10, 2007
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International Classes:
A61C19/06; A61C3/025; A61C17/02; A61K6/00
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福森 久夫