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Japanese Patent JP2018192184
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To provide a desk apparatus capable of assembling a plate member therein, even when the plate member is removed from a position next to a top board.SOLUTION: The desk apparatus includes: a first support body 2 and a second support body 3 that are respectively installed on a floor surface 11 at some interval apart from each other in the horizontal direction; a top board 4 that is supported by the first support body 2 and the second support body 3 and, the upper surface of which is served as a working surface; and a tabular plate member 5 provided separately from the top board 4. The desk apparatus is configured to be reassembled into a first state where the plate member 5 is disposed between the first support body 2 and the second support body 3 on the lower side of the top board 4, and a second state where the plate member is juxtaposed to the top board 4 in the horizontal direction such that one surface of the plate member 5 is flush with the upper surface of the top board 4.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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森田 さやか
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Publication Date:
December 06, 2018
Filing Date:
May 22, 2017
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International Classes:
A47B13/00; A47B3/06; A47B17/00
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志賀 正武
鈴木 三義
松沼 泰史

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