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Japanese Patent JP2013000272
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To provide a desk capable of being easily assembled using a small number of plate-shaped members, and having a top plate whose upper surface is hardly warped.

The desk 10 includes a top plate body 20 formed by bending a plate-shaped member, and legs 11 supporting the top plate 20. The top plate body 20 includes a bottom plate 22, a front top plate 23, a rear top plate 24, a front erected plate 25 bent downward from the rear end of the front top plate 23, and a rear erected plate 26 bent downward from the front end of the rear top plate 24. Fitting holes 21 for fitting the legs 11 are opened in the bottom plate 22. The legs 11 are fitted into the fitting holes 21 to hold the front erected plate 25 and rear erected plate 26 which are layered on each other by leg slits 12 formed on tops of the respective legs 11.

Hirose, Masami
Takahashi, Takamitsu
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January 07, 2013
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June 15, 2011
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松原 等