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Japanese Patent JPH04308252
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PURPOSE: To provide the subject device designed to surely catch a weft inserted into a shed by a stretching nozzle mounted on the sley of a loom and a blower device set up in the vicinity of the stretching nozzle to effect sure picking through avoiding return of the weft to its insertion end.

CONSTITUTION: This device for stretching a weft works as follows: for each weaving cycle, a weft 8 is inserted into a shed by the aid of airflow passing through a yarn carrying duct formed of the U-shaped recess of a read 2, concurrently a weft remaining end 11 is sucked into a yarn guide duct 17 by the actuation of a stretching nozzle 13 mounted on a sley 1 to effect picking; subsequently, the sley 1 is advanced, beating the weft 8 along a cloth line 9 and forcing it into a yarn clip 23, then the sley 1 is retreated, a warp 5 is crossed, to weave the weft 8. When the sley 1 is retreated, the actuation of the stretching nozzle 13 is stopped, concurrently a blower device 14 set up near the stretching nozzle 13 is set in motion and an airflow at an angle of 10-30° in respect to the weft 8 is blown out to discharge the weft 8 from the yarn guide duct 17. The actuation of the blower device 14 is stopped prior to insertion of the succeeding weft 8.

Bamelis, Jean-marie
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Publication Date:
October 30, 1992
Filing Date:
December 25, 1991
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International Classes:
D03D47/28; D03D47/00; D03D47/30; D03D49/60; (IPC1-7): D03D47/28