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Japanese Patent JP3333799
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PURPOSE: To prevent a fuel limit function from being vanished due to illegal remodeling by setting up a fuel limiting stopper and a boost pressure control spring both in a governor case, and at a time when an actuator is removed away, constituting this limiting stopper so as to make it be left behind in this governor case in keeping its maximum limiting position maintained intact.
CONSTITUTION: A mechanical governor rock a governor input lever 24 by dint of unbalanced force lying between spring force of a governor spring and governor force to be produced in a governor weight, metering and shifting a fuel metering rack 26 of a fuel injection pump 10. In this case, a fuel limiting stopper 7 and a boost pressure control spring 6 both are installed in a governor case 11, while an actuator 3 is attached to a case wall of this governor case 11. Even at a time when this actuator 3 is removed from the governor case 11, the fuel limiting stopper 7 is constituted so as to be left behind in this case 11 in keeping its maximum limiting position maintained intact by dint of spring force 8 of the boost pressure control spring 6.

Hataura, Kiyoshi
Miyazaki, Manabu
Hasegawa, Hideo
Mikumo, Hiroshi
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Publication Date:
July 26, 2002
Filing Date:
May 19, 1995
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International Classes:
F02D1/02; F02D1/04; F02D23/02; F02M59/44; F02B3/06; (IPC1-7): F02D1/02; F02D1/04; F02D23/02; F02M59/44
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北谷 寿一