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Japanese Patent JP2007151394
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To provide a digital protection controller that improves protection control performance while efficiently executing data transmission/reception inside equipment.

The digital protection controller is composed of a digital data integration means connected with sensor units by a communication means, a protection control means, a communication means for an equipment controller, which is connected with equipment controllers by a communication means, and a process bus communication means. The means constituting the digital protection controller are at least partially connected by a parallel transmission medium. At least a part of the data transmission/reception is executed by a multi-master system. Transmission in the multi-master system is employed so as to allow each means to independently transmit/receive data. Thus, it is possible to reduce imbalance between communication loads. As a result, it is possible to reduce the risks of deterioration in time responsiveness of operation of the digital protection controller as a whole due to unbalanced concentration of data bus processing in a specific means.

Minami, Yuji
Suga, Noriyoshi
Nagasaki, Hiromi
Kosakata, Masayuki
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Publication Date:
June 14, 2007
Filing Date:
February 05, 2007
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International Classes:
H02H3/02; G05B19/418; H02H1/00; H02J3/00; H02J13/00
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須山 佐一