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Japanese Patent JP2005233775
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To provide a distance detector with relaxed accuracy for actualizing an airtight structure.

An adhesive 10 is applied to a window frame 1f of a resin part 1c forming the external shape of a first case part 1a. A projection window part 1d and an incident window part 1e are put to adhesive fixation with the adhesive 10. The sealing property of the resin part 1c with respect to the window parts 1d and 1e is secured by the adhesive 10. Since this can secure the sealing property without using any O-ring as in the past, it is not necessary to secure dimensional accuracy of an O-ring, surface accuracy of a seal part, and dimensional accuracy for fixedly holding them, so far required to secure proper compressibility of the O-ring. This makes it possible to relax accuracy for actualizing an airtight structure.

Inomata, Makoto
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Publication Date:
September 02, 2005
Filing Date:
February 19, 2004
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G01S13/93; G01C3/08; G01S7/03; G01S7/481; G01S17/08; G01S17/93; G01V8/00; H01J40/14; (IPC1-7): G01S13/93; G01S7/03; G01S17/93
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伊藤 洋二
三浦 高広
水野 史博