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Japanese Patent JP2009142626
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To solve the problem that the conventional hook with suction cup keep the hook mounted directly on the suction cup and therefore enables the hook not to hang things away from a wall, and sucking cup to have not enough suction power when being pressed on its outer hard cover.

The present invention relates to a double structured and reversed dish-like suction cup which comprises outer hard cover and inner flexible suction cup with convex middle part. The middle of the back side of the flexible suction cup provides an extension of a connecting beetle and in the middle of the hard cover, a hole is provided through which the connecting beetle can penetrate and project. The connecting beetle of the flexible suction cup is penetrated through the hole of the hard cover via a pressure dispersing ring inserted in the connecting beetle to be fitted in the hole and an arm is connected collapsably on the tip of the connecting beetle with a connecting pin.

Ota, Yuzo
Ota, Setsuyo
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Publication Date:
July 02, 2009
Filing Date:
March 10, 2008
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International Classes:
A47G29/00; D06F57/02; D06F57/12; F16B47/00