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Japanese Patent JP01111179
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PURPOSE: To lubricate a sliding part for compressing a refrigerant by a method wherein a gas/liquid separation means guides a refrigerant gas evaporated in an evaporation chamber to a compressor while sucking a lubricating oil retained at a lower part to be supplied to the compressor together with the refrigerant.

CONSTITUTION: Chilled water flows inside an upper water chamber 14 and a heat exchanger tube 4 from a chilled water inlet port 6 and flows out at a cold water outlet 7 through a lower water chamber 14. A liquid refrigerant enters a refrigerant distribution chamber 30 from a refrigerant inlet part 2 provided in a shell 1 and is evaporated passing through a steam bleeding pipe 32. Then, the refrigerant steam is mixed at an evaporation chamber 31, enters an inlet opening part 24 of a U-shaped pipe 22 and flows to a compressor 11. A hole 23 is provided at a lower part of the U-shaped pipe 22. A part of a lubricating oil for lubricating a sliding surface of the compressor 11 is circulated through a refrigerant cycle without staying in the compressor. The lubricating oil flows down to the bottom part of the evaporation chamber 31 without being evaporated even on the heat exchanger tube 4 to be mixed with the liquid refrigerant yet to be evaporated and enters into the U-shaped pipe 22 from the hole 23 and fluidised to the compressor 11 via a refrigerant delivery pipe 8 in a gas/liquid double phase together with the gaseous refrigerant.

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Publication Date:
April 27, 1989
Filing Date:
October 23, 1987
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International Classes:
F25B39/02; F25B43/00; F28D3/02; F25B39/02; F25B43/00; F28D3/00; (IPC1-7): F25B39/02; F28D3/02