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Japanese Patent JP3824550
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable an inclination to be imparted to a bottom plate without the occurrence of a flaw, etc., and to reduce a working cost.
SOLUTION: A first through-hole 24a is pierced into an approximately central part of a bottom plate 24 of an inner box body 12, and a drain pipe 29 is inserted into the through-hole 24a from above. In a position separated downward from the bottom plate 24, a highly rigid supporting plate 26 is laid between lateral stays 38 and 38 which constitute a heat insulating box body 13. A screw part of the drain pipe 29, which is inserted from above into a second through- hole 26a pierced into the supporting plate 26, is screwed and inserted into a nut which is arranged on the side of an under surface of the supporting plate 26. In this case, a part, in which the drain pipe 29 is arranged, of the bottom plate 24 is displaced in such a manner as to come close to the supporting plate 26, by screwing and inserting the screw part of the drain pipe 29 into the nut so that a separation distance between the bottom plate 24 and the supporting plate 26 can be shorter than a separation distance in a no-load state; and thus, a downward inclination toward the drain pipe 29 is imparted to the bottom plate 24.

Iwamoto, Takashi
Sakai, Tadashi
Yamada, Hatsuo
Kato, Sonoo
Ishikawa, Susumu
Mizoguchi, Takehiro
Sugita, Atsushi
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Publication Date:
July 07, 2006
Filing Date:
March 07, 2002
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International Classes:
A47J39/02; A47B31/02; A47L15/42; (IPC1-7): A47J39/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
山本 喜幾