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Japanese Patent JPH05277294
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PURPOSE: To enable clothes to be properly dried without any collapse of shape, formation of wrinkles, a feeling drop or the like by unraveling the clothes first under the normal and reverse running of a drum at a short cycle without any supply of the hot air, and then beginning a drying operation under the supply of the hot air.

CONSTITUTION: When a power switch 25 and a start switch 29 are operated, a microcomputer 23 does not supply power to a heater 20, but only to a motor 9. The motor 9 is thereby caused to rotate in the normal direction, for example, for 10 seconds, for causing the normal rotation of a drum. Also, a fan is caused to rotate in the normal direction, thereby supplying the cold air to the inside of the drum. Thereafter, power is supplied to the motor 9 without supplying power to the heater 20 to cause the reverse rotation of the motor 9, for example, for 10 seconds, thereby reversing the drum. After the normal and reverse running of the drum, for example, for 3 cycles, the motor 9 is supplied with power for normal running, and the heater 20 is as well supplied with power to generate heat. Furthermore, a final operation is performed after the drying rate of the clothes reaches a predetermined value, according to a dryness detecting signal inputted from an electrode 27 via a detecting circuit 28.

田中 美穂
林 欽也
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Publication Date:
October 26, 1993
Filing Date:
March 31, 1992
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International Classes:
D06F58/02; D06F58/28; (IPC1-7): D06F58/02; D06F58/28
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佐藤 強 (外1名)