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Japanese Patent JP2007093178
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To prevent heat conductivity from getting worse to disturb drying efficiency by adhesion of a dried object on a heat exchange face, in a vertical type drier.

In this vertical type drier 10 comprising a drying vessel 20 for charging the dried object, a jacket 40 surrounding the drying vessel 20 and introduced with steam of a heating means, and a rotary blade 30 arranged rotatably in an inside of the drying vessel 20 and having an inclined face 30b rising up along a direction reverse to a rotational direction, in particular, a starch such as carbohydrate, a pig feces, a human feces or the like are easily separated even when those are adhered on the heat exchange face 20a, when drying those as the dried object, because a temperature of the steam for the heating means of the heat exchange face 20a is set at 160-600°C higher than that in a conventional one, and the drying efficiency is remarkably enhanced as a result thereof.

Kanai, Masao
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Publication Date:
April 12, 2007
Filing Date:
September 30, 2005
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International Classes:
F26B11/14; F26B3/20
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木下 洋平