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Japanese Patent JP2019082224
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To provide a drive mechanism which can engage/disengage a locking part such as a ratchet mechanism with a simple structure, and which can be operated remotely.SOLUTION: A drive mechanism 1 includes: a case C; a drum 3 provided at the case C; a rotary shaft Ax1 which rotates by the rotation of the drum 3; an inner cable 2 wound and delivered by the drum 3; an outer tube T1 for protecting an outer periphery of the inner cable 2; a driven member 7 connected to the outer tube T1; and a gear 6 rotating together with the rotation of the drum 3. The driven member 7 has a locking part 75 engaged with the gear 6. The case C has a guide part Cg for guiding the driven member 7 between an engaging position in which the locking part 75 and the gear 6 are engaged with each other and a release position in which the engagement of the locking part 75 and the gear 6 is released. By performing movement operation of the outer tube T1, the engagement of the locking part 75 and the gear 6 is released, and the rotation of the rotary shaft Ax1 is permitted.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

渡邉 知也
硲 啓祐
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May 30, 2019
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October 31, 2017
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F16H37/06; F16C1/20; F16H19/02; F16H33/02
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