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Japanese Patent JP2001238606
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To provide a drying device for rice confectionary dough aiming at the reduction of the labor of a worker and the reduction of the inferior products of the rice confectionary.

This drying device for the rice confectionary for drying the rapped rice confectionary dough and provided installing a plurality of metal conveyers by overlapping a plurality of stages in a hot air drying chamber having a long box shape and conveying the rice confectionaries loaded on the above metal net conveyer successively to the upper stage metal net conveyer for drying while circulating hot air to the inside of the above hot air drying chamber, is provided by installing compensating bars having elasticity and flexibility as crossing with cross bars between the cross bars and the metal net for preventing the hanging down of the net by taking a suitable interval, an automatic applying means of a releasing agent for automatically applying the releasing agent on the metal net conveyer for conveying the rapped rice confectionary dough into the hot air drying chamber, a next stage-moving means for moving the rice confectionary dough from the upper stage metal net conveyer to the lower stage metal net conveyer toward a driving drum of the upper metal net conveyer so as to constitute the next stage-moving means as freely detachable by a detaching device automatically, and a taking out conveyer in the lower direction of the above driving drum.

Arai, Seiichi
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Publication Date:
September 04, 2001
Filing Date:
February 29, 2000
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F26B15/18; A23G3/00; A23G3/02; A23G3/48; A23G3/50; (IPC1-7): A23G3/02; A23G3/00; F26B15/18
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伊藤 捷雄