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Japanese Patent JP2012013409
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To provide a drying device capable of cleanly and efficiently drying workpieces to detailed parts.

In the drying device 1, while a plurality of workpieces W input from an input port 10 provided at a sidewall 95 of a drying chamber 5 are placed on bottom plates of buckets 40 each having the bottom plate with a plurality of through-holes, the plurality of buckets are hung and arranged in an endless track band in line at predetermined intervals. The buckets are conveyed by horizontal movement, lowering movement, horizontal movement to a direction opposite to the feeding direction and lifting movement in this order, and the workpieces W are discharged from a discharge port 20 formed at the sidewall 95. The drying device includes: an input bucket tilting means tilting the bucket 40A so that the workpiece entrance side of the bottom plate becomes high when the workpiece W is input to the bucket 40A; a discharge bucket tilting means tilting the bucket 40B so that the workpiece entrance side of the bottom plate becomes low when the workpiece W is discharged from the bucket 40B; and an air sending means sending hot air from the bottom part of the drying chamber 5 to the bottom faces of the buckets 40.

Kachi, Masayuki
Kachi, Kyo
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Publication Date:
January 19, 2012
Filing Date:
May 30, 2011
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F26B15/10; B08B3/00; B08B5/00; F26B15/00; F26B25/00
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松井 勝義