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Japanese Patent JPH0842560
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PURPOSE: To increase a load by a method wherein a groove is formed in the front edge in a rotation direction of the recessed curved surface of a pad and parts having no groove are formed at two end parts in an axial direction, the central part in an axial direction of the groove reaching the rear edge side in a peripheral direction from a pivot support point is shallow, and the curvatures of the two end parts are set to a value between the curvatures of the groove part and the rotary shaft.

CONSTITUTION: Lands 6 remain at two end parts in an axial direction on the surface of a pad 2 and a shallow groove part 7 is formed. Rails 9 slightly deeper than a central part 8 are formed at the two ends of the groove part 7. The rail 9 is formed in such a manner that depth is gradually decreased toward the rear edge of the pad 2 and depth at the rear edge is set to a value equivalent to that of the central part 8 of the groove. When the radius of a rotary shaft is R, the curvature of the groove central part 8 is set approximate 1,001-1,003 R and the curvature of the land 6 is set to a value lower than that of the groove central part. When projection is effected from an axial direction, the groove central part 8 is prevented from protruding from the land part 6. This constitution prevents the generation of the stress of a bearing surface, making centralized contact, in the position of the pivot point, and improves load bearing ability of a bearing without damaging gas pressure generating performance of a gas bearing.

Makino, Takero
Kaneko, Akitami
Mori, Yasushi
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Publication Date:
February 13, 1996
Filing Date:
July 27, 1994
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F16C17/03; (IPC1-7): F16C17/03
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塚本 正文 (外1名)