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Japanese Patent JP3512004
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enhance the accuracy of detecting angular velocity by causing vibrators to stably vibrate with a large amplitude in a first direction in the case of a dynamical quantity detector for detecting angular velocity by detecting the vibration of the vibrators in a second direction normal to the first direction with the vibrators kept vibrating in the first direction.
SOLUTION: The vibrators 20-1 and 20-1 are supported displaceably in the Y-axis direction on main frames 30-1 to 30-4 via beams 31a to 31d for detection. The main frames 30-1 to 30-4 are supported displaceably in the X-axis direction on a substrate 10 via beams 33a to 33d and 34a to 34d for driving. The main frames 30-1 and 30-3 are connected to each other by link beams 41a and 41c, and a link 42a while the main frames 30-2 and 30-4 are connected to each other by link beams 41c and 41d, and a link 42b. The links 42a and 42b are connected to each other by sub-link beams 43a to 43d and sub-links 44a and 44b.

Hashimoto, Masahito
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Publication Date:
March 29, 2004
Filing Date:
December 20, 2000
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International Classes:
G01C19/56; G01C19/5726; G01C19/5747; H01L29/84; (IPC1-7): G01C19/56; G01P9/04; H01L29/84
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大庭 咲夫 (外1名)