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Japanese Patent JP2007104782
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To provide a dynamo-electric machine which has a coil-end-projected stator core that has an excellent motor property improving effect and is excellent in practical productivity.

In an additional-core-added stator core structure where additional cores 2 are added to both ends of the central core 1, each additional core 2 consists of an additional tooth 22 comprising an inner flange 24, which is a section on the rotor side rather than a coil end, a main part 27, which is an inner section in the axial direction of the coil end, and an outer flange 26, which is a section on the opposite side to the rotor rather than the coil end, and an additional yoke 21 which magnetically couples with the outer flange 26. The additional tooth 22 consists of circumferentially stacked electromagnetic steel plates, and is made in low iron loss and low magnetic resistance, and the motor properties are improved.

Yoshinaga, Soichi
Yoneda, Shigenori
Utaka, Ryosuke
Wakabayashi, Kenichi
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Publication Date:
April 19, 2007
Filing Date:
October 03, 2005
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H02K1/14; H02K1/16; H02K1/18; H02K1/27; H02K21/16
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大川 宏