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Japanese Patent JPH1052306
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To easily open a subject bag body even by anyone by arranging an inserting part by opening both ends between upper and lower sewing up parts, inserting annular strings into the inserting part, installing ring bodies in a part of the strings, and respectively arranging a combination of the strings and the ring bodies in bilaterally symmetrical positions of the bag body by exposing the ring bodies to the left and right of the bag body.

A bag port is provided in an upper part of a bag body 1 by sweing up cloth. In this bag port part, sewing-up parts are arranged in upper and lower parts, and both ends of these both sewing-up parts are opened, and an inserting part 2 is formed of these opening part and both sewing-up parts. Annular strings 3 whose one ends are bound together are inserted into this inserting part 2 with a length slightly longer than the bag port. Ring bodies 4 are formed in a circular shape made of synthetic resin, and a projecting part and a small ring part are integrally arranged on its one side surface. The strings 3 are also inserted into this small ring part. These strings 3 and the ring bodies 4 are arranged by two sets, and the ring bodies 4 are exposed to mutually symmetrical positions, and are positioned above and below. In this way, since the strings 3 and the ring bodies 4 are combined with each other, the bag port can be easily opened.

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February 24, 1998
Filing Date:
August 08, 1996
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A45C3/00; (IPC1-7): A45C3/00