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Japanese Patent JP2004211609
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To provide an electric car by wind power generation that always directs a windmill to the traveling direction of the electric car by connecting a carriage to one part of a combination vehicle, installing a plurality of wind power generators on the carriage, and making the direction of the windmill of the power generator changeable by 180 degrees.

A carriage A with approximately same length as that of a vehicle is connected with one part of the combination vehicle. This electric car comprises a base board 1 fixed on a carriage A, a cover member 2 fixed to the base board 1, a bearing tube 3 suspended and fixed in the cover member 2, and a support shaft 6 supporting a windmill 4 and a power generator 5. The support shaft 6 is rotatably inserted and fitted in the bearing tube 3, and a worm gear 7 is installed to the support shaft 6 projecting downward through the bearing tube 3. A worm 10 fixed a shaft 9 of a motor 8 is engaged with the worm gear 7, and the windmill 4 including a power generator 5 is rotated by rotation of the motor 8 for making the direction of the windmill 4 changeable by 180 degrees.

Oikawa, Tomoji
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Publication Date:
July 29, 2004
Filing Date:
December 27, 2002
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F03D9/00; B60L8/00; F03D1/06; F03D5/04; F03D7/04; F03D9/02; F03D11/04; (IPC1-7): F03D9/00; B60L8/00; F03D1/06; F03D5/04; F03D7/04; F03D9/02; F03D11/04
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松丸 国雄