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Japanese Patent JP2007222226
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To take out a cooked material from an electric cooker without raising a blade plate frame body, a blade plate body, a lid body or a driving part from a container body by storing the cooked material in a drawer storage body and drawing out the drawer storage body because the cooked material is fed onto the blade plate body from a feeding tube, the blade plate frame body is reciprocated along the upper surface of the container body by the driving part, the cooked material such as vegetables, etc. is cut and cooked by the blade plate body, and therefore, the cut/cooked material falls down from the blade plate body according to the kind of the blade plate body to be stored in the drawer storage body.

The electric cooker is composed of the container body 1 whose top is open, the blade plate frame body 2 reciprocatively provided along the upper surface of the container body, the blade plate body 3 detachably and replaceably attached to the blade plate frame body, the lid body 4 attached to the opening of the container body in such a way as detachably and as can be fitted to the opening, the feed tube body 6 raised on the lid body for feeding the cooked material W onto the blade plate body, and the driving part 7 provided on the upper surface of the lid body for reciprocating the blade plate frame body. The electric cooker also has the drawer storage body 8 which can be drawn out from the container body for receiving the cooked material falling from the blade plate body.


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September 06, 2007
Filing Date:
February 21, 2006
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International Classes:
A47J43/044; A47J43/25
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黒田 勇治