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Japanese Patent JP2004125027
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To provide an electric disc brake which can use a thrust sensor of a relatively lower strength, and allows a variety of materials to be chosen for the thrust sensor.

In the thrust sensor 30, an outer circumferential surface 30f and a side surface 30b are tightly engaged with an opening step part 7a as an inner circumferential part of a circular base body 7 to be fixed to a caliper main body 9. An outer circumferential surface 31d of an outer circumferential ring 31a and a side surface 31e on the opposite side to a facing side surface to a disc rotor D are applied to a step part 30a of the thrust sensor 30 to fix a bearing 31 to the circular base body 7 through the thrust sensor 30. The inner circumferential side of an inner circumferential ring 31b of the bearing 31 is applied to the outer circumferential side of a first disc member 32. The facing side surface 31f to the disc rotor D in the inner circumferential ring 31 is applied to a large diameter part 32a provided on the outer circumferential surface of the first disc member 32. The first disc member 32 is thus positioned in diametric and axial directions by the bearing 31.

Usui, Takuya
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Publication Date:
April 22, 2004
Filing Date:
September 30, 2002
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F16D66/00; F16D65/18; (IPC1-7): F16D66/00; F16D65/18
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三戸部 節男