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Japanese Patent JP2014033493
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To provide an electric rotary machine which suppresses roughness of a commutator face, avoids influence of the roughness and can improve brush life.

A lower end face of a brush 24 slidably contacts with a surface of a commutator 27 with rotation of a rotation shaft 2 to be worn out. In the brush 24, one inclined face in a radial direction and an upper end face of the brush 24 are energized and depressed from two directions of an axial direction of the commutator 27 and the radial direction toward a rotation shaft center J1 by first and second springs 35a and 35b. In the brush 24, a side in a radial direction side inclines to an energizing side in the axial direction by a prescribed angle, and a cross section shape of a side parallel to the axial direction is formed in a parallelogram. A position where the brush 24 is brought into contact with the commutator 27 moves forward in the axial direction on the commutator 27 with wear of a sliding face 31. Even if roughness occurs on a surface of the commutator 27, the sliding face 31 moves to a new contact position with wear of the brush 24.

Tachiki, Takatoshi
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Publication Date:
February 20, 2014
Filing Date:
August 01, 2012
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International Classes:
H02K13/00; H01R39/18