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Japanese Patent JP2005058483
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To provide an electric washer hardly damaging a part to be washed, hardly curling brush bristles, hardly dripping water from a brush body, and hardly splashing bubbles.

A body 1 of this electric washer comprises a housing 5 of a drive part 2 incorporating a motor 6 and projectingly provided with an output shaft 8; and a holding part 4 provided with an operation switch 13 and incorporating a storage battery 15 as a power supply part. The output shaft 8 projecting from the housing 5 is detachably attached with the brush body 11 having the brush bristles 20 which are formed with branch parts 21 narrower than the brush bristles 20 themselves in their tip parts. Even if the brush bristle 20 itself is provided with appropriately high rigidity, the narrow branch part 21 abutting on the part W to be washed is largely bent and prevented from scratching the part W to be washed, or the branch part 21 improves bubbling property so that the part W to be washed is sufficiently protected by the bubbles and can be hardly damaged.

Kaneko, Osamu
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Publication Date:
March 10, 2005
Filing Date:
August 12, 2003
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A47L11/162; A46B7/06; A46B9/02; A46B13/02; A47L11/164; A47L11/283; A47L25/00; B08B1/04; (IPC1-7): A47L25/00; A46B7/06; A46B9/02; A46B13/02; A47L11/162; A47L11/164; A47L11/283; B08B1/04