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Japanese Patent JP2001154459
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To prolong the life of an electrifying wire by preventing irregular electrification without exchanging the electrifying wire even when the electrifying wire is deteriorated because of leak.

When the surface of the electrifying wire 321 on a grid 322 side is deteriorated because of the leak, the entire wire 321 is rotated with its longitudinal direction as a center rotary shaft so that the surface of the new wire which is not opposed to a photoreceptor drum 31 may be opposed to the drum 31, so that the deterioration is easily recovered without exchanging the wire as in the conventional manner. Therefore, labor and man-hour that a serviceman exchanges the wire by detaching an electrifier 32 from an image forming device as in the conventional manner are not required even for the deterioration of the surface of the wire 321 caused by the leak, and the surface of the wire is easily switched to the clear surface of the wire, and not only the life of the wire 321 but also the life of the electrifier 32 are prolonged.

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Miyaji, Nobuki
Watanabe, Takashi
Ishihara, Tsutomu
Kamei, Takateru
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Publication Date:
June 08, 2001
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November 25, 1999
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H01T19/00; G03G15/02; (IPC1-7): G03G15/02; H01T19/00
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小谷 悦司