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Japanese Patent JP3631935
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electroacoustic transducer that can obtain a proper sound pressure characteristic, without hindering vibration of an armature section.
SOLUTION: The electroacoustic transducer 1 has a housing 2, consisting of a top housing 4 and a bottom housing 5. A drive unit section 10 is placed in the housing 2. A pair of through-holes 8, 8 are formed at the bottom of the bottom housing 5. The drive unit section 10 has a bobbin 21, and the bobbin 21 has a base 22 provided with coil side terminals 34, 34 and signal input terminals 35, 35. Projections 26, 26 which project to the end of the signal input terminals 35, 35 are formed integrally on the base 22. The projections 26, 26 are placed at a position, corresponding to the through-holes 8, 8, and when the drive unit section 10 is assembled with the bottom housing 5, the projections 26, 26 are inserted to the through-holes 8, 8 formed at the bottom of the bottom housing 5.

漆畑 潔
鈴木 智也
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March 23, 2005
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March 14, 2000
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H04R11/02; H04R25/00; (IPC1-7): H04R11/02; H04R25/00
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長谷川 芳樹
塩田 辰也
寺崎 史朗
長濱 範明