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Japanese Patent JPH077914
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PURPOSE: To prevent energy loss by the discharge of ions, and to obtain strong electromagnetic force and acquire large propulsive force by directly causing DC currents to flow through a fluid in the fixed magnetic field of an electromagnetic propeller flow by a shifting magnetic field.

CONSTITUTION: A duct 7 made of an electric insulator transporting a fluid and a conductive pipe 5 on the outside are connected, voltage is generated in the fluid in the conductive pipe 5 by a magnetic-field electric generator 6, DC currents 2 are made to flow into the fixed magnetic field 1 of the duct 7, and propulsive force is obtained by the electromagnetic force of the duct 7. A propeller has a heat resistance and is manufactured of the electric insulating quality of material, and a superconducting coil is used as the fixed magnetic field l. A DC generator directly shifting ions is employed as a shifting magnetic field equipment 3. A high-frequency current electrode for a change into plasma is insulated and mounted on the conductive pipe 5, and the propeller is operated in sea water, thus acquiring propulsive force.

Nakagawa, Yukio
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Publication Date:
January 10, 1995
Filing Date:
November 25, 1991
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H02K44/00; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02K44/00; H02K44/06

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