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Japanese Patent JPS6046109
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PURPOSE: To easily fit through-capacitors to a printed board and to reduce the insertion loss in the course of manufacturing an electromagnetic interference filter, by putting both leg parts of a U-shaped through-shaft through the through- capacitors and fitting the through-shaft to a chassis plate to which slits and an earth terminal are installed.

CONSTITUTION: Through-capacitor fitting holes 11a and 11b are installed to a flat chassis plate 11 and two pieces of flange cylinder-like through-capacitors 12 are put in the holes 11a and 11b, and then, outer surface electrodes 17b of the capacitors are connected with the chassis plate 11. Both leg parts 14a and 14b of a through-shaft 14 which is bent to have a U-shape are put through the capacitors and inner surface electrodes 17a of the capacitors 12 are connected with the leg parts 14a and 14b. Cylindrical ferrite beads 15 and 15 which form an inductance L1 are put on the upper part of the leg parts 14a and 14b. Slits S1 and S2 for reducing insertion loss are installed to the chassis plate 11 in a direction normal to the line connecting the holes 11a and 11b and an earth teminal 16 is installed in the vicinity of the slits S1 and S2. The electromagnetic interference filter is constituted by using the leg parts 14a and 14b as the electrode of the capacitors 12 and fitting the chassis plate 11 to a printed board.

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Publication Date:
March 12, 1985
Filing Date:
August 22, 1983
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H03H7/075; H03H1/00; H05K9/00; (IPC1-7): H03H7/01