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Japanese Patent JPH03270671
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PURPOSE: To achieve a flow coast down characteristic by a method wherein a synchronous machine having improved power factor is operated as a synchronous generator through the inertia thereof and the excitation of a permanent magnet generator upon power interruption, and refrigerant is circulated for a predetermined time by the power supply from the synchronous generator.

CONSTITUTION: When power is interrupted, a synchronous machine 18 sustains rotation for several seconds with the inertia thereof and power is fed from a permanent magnet generator 19 through a passive element 25a, a switch 23a and a rectifier 24 to an exciting winding 18a for the interval. Consequently, the synchronous machine 18 is operated as a synchronous generator and an electromagnetic pump 15 circulates a cooling material C for a predetermined time corresponding to the inertia of the synchronous machine 18, exciting power of the generator 19 and the resistance of the passive element 25a by means of a field produced from a coil 16 upon power supply from the synchronous generator. Consequently, cooling operation of a nuclear reactor is carried out with a predetermined flow coast down characteristics resulting in prevention of transient temperature difference.

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December 02, 1991
Filing Date:
March 17, 1990
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G21D3/04; G21C15/247; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): G21C15/247; G21D3/04; H02K44/06