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Japanese Patent JPH04164294
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PURPOSE: To enable a temperature rise in an electromagnetic pump to be prevented by providing a fan for the forced circulation of sealed gas through a cable passage, in the cover of the expanded section of a conduit end externally projected from a reactor vessel.

CONSTITUTION: The terminal end of a conduit 9 is formed as a large diameter and eccentrically expanded section 9b, and a cylindrical conduit cover 21 is so coupled thereto as to be freely detachable. Furthermore, the internal space of the conduit 9 is divided into cable passages 25 with an axial division 22. Also, the lower section of the inside of the cover 21 is divided into two chambers with a division 27 continuous to the division 22, and an axial flow fan 28 is provided in the chamber at the side of a terminal 24. The fan 28 sucks gas from a passage 25 at the side of the chamber thereof, and blows the gas toward the other passage 25 via the upper space of the cover 21. According to the aforesaid construction, sealed gas is forcibly circulated to the inside of an electromagnetic pump 7, and the convection of the gas is facilitated. Also, the gas under convection exchanges heat with a primary coolant around the conduit 9, thereby cooling an iron core and a coil group.

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Publication Date:
June 09, 1992
Filing Date:
October 29, 1990
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International Classes:
G21C15/247; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): G21C15/247; H02K44/06