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Japanese Patent JPH0479756
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PURPOSE: To improve heat radiation from a stator coil, eliminate a loss caused by an induction current in an outer duct and improve the efficiency of an electromagnetic pump by a method wherein the stator coil and a laminated core block are surrounded by a conductive fluid atmosphere and the stator coil is covered with a covering which keeps the stator coil from the atmosphere airtight.

CONSTITUTION: As an opening 11 is formed in a frame 9, the inside of the frame 9 is filled with conductive fluid surface 12 is formed above a stator coil 2. The circumference of the stator coil 2 is enclosed with non-magnetic high strength material which can well coexist with the conductive fluid and kept airtight. Heat generated by the stator coil 2 is transmitted to the surrounding conductive fluid and a laminated core block 1 through the non-magnetic high strength maternal covering and discharged into conductive fluid in an annular flow path. With this constitution, the temperature of the stator coil 2 is lowered and the electrical resistance of the coil is reduced, so that the generated heat can be suppressed. Further, an outer duct which is necessary to separate the stator coil 2 from the conductive fluid in a conventional constitution can be eliminated, so that a loss in the outer duct can be eliminated and the efficiency of an electromagnetic pump can be improved.

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Publication Date:
March 13, 1992
Filing Date:
July 23, 1990
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H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02K44/06