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Japanese Patent JPH05111238
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PURPOSE: To provide an electromagnetic pump in which no crack occurs at an insulator and insulation does not decrease even if a coil conductor is expanded by the use under a high temperature environment by providing an insulation with an air gap between an insulator having stretchability to follow up the thermal expansion of a coil conductor or the conductor and a main insulator.

CONSTITUTION: An annular linear electromagnetic pump has a radial stator core and a ringlike heat resistant coil 20 in a casing. The coil 20 has a main insulator in which a peelable mica tape 21 lined with glass cloth or alumina cloth is wound on the outside of a coil conductor 9 without using adhesive, and a protective insulator 22 tubularly plain stitched with ceramic fiber on the main insulator. Or, after the coil 20 is formed by disposing a low melting point glass tube on the outside of the conductor 9 and surrounding it with a main insulator of a ceramic series insulator, it is baked to melt to reduce the tube to form an air gap to become an escaping margin of the thermal expansion of the conductor 9 between the conductor 9 and the main insulator.

Nakasaki, Masayoshi
Kuroki, Toshitaka
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Publication Date:
April 30, 1993
Filing Date:
October 17, 1991
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H02K44/02; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02K44/02
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猪股 祥晃

Previous Patent: JPS5111237