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Japanese Patent JPH06133527
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PURPOSE: To provide an improved electromagnetic pump having no possibility of crack in the coil insulating material even if the pump is operated in high temperature environment.

CONSTITUTION: In an electromagnetic pump in which a conduit is formed of a coaxial double pipe comprising an outside pipe 2 and an inside pipe 3 with a plurality of laminated cores 4 being arranged on the outer peripheral surface of the outside pipe 2 and on the inner peripheral surface of the inside pipe 3 and a plurality of annular coils 5 are fitted in slots 4a made at least in the laminated core block 4, the annular coil 5 is constituted by covering the outer periphery of coil conductors 10 with an insulator holding cover 13 and filling the gap between the coil conductor 10 and the insulator holding cover 13 with a power or granular insulating material 14.

Kuroki, Toshitaka
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Publication Date:
May 13, 1994
Filing Date:
October 19, 1992
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G21C15/24; H02K3/32; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02K44/06; G21C15/24; H02K3/32
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則近 憲佑