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Japanese Patent JPH06296361
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PURPOSE: To offer electromagnetic pumps constituted in such a way that heat generated in electromagnetic components such as an internal stator and external stator can be effectively radiated to an external sodium through a center return pipe and casing.

CONSTITUTION: An electromagnetic pump has a pair of concentric supporting cylinders 21 and a corrugated heat transfer structure 20 provided with a ring- shaped corrugated plate 22 sandwiched by the pair of supporting cylinders 21 and having a radial cut 24. The cylinders 21 and structure 20 are located in an inert gas space 10. The inert gas space 10 is positioned between a casing 6 forming the outer shell of the electromagnetic pump, an outer stator 50 which is located inside the casing 6 and which generates electromagnetic force to drive a fluid, a center return pipe 7 forming the passage of the fluid, and an inner stator 51 that generates electromagnetic force together with the outer stator 51.

Ota, Hiroyuki
Hoshiide, Akihiko
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Publication Date:
October 21, 1994
Filing Date:
April 08, 1993
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International Classes:
G21C15/247; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02K44/06; G21C15/247
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則近 憲佑