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Japanese Patent JPS62675
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PURPOSE: To increase discharge flow in low pressure drive and maintain a required discharge flow after reaching set pressure by forming a compression means of a piston, a cylinder, etc. such that at least two compression chambers are provided which have identical timing of suction and discharge of fluid.

CONSTITUTION: When pressure of discharged fluid is low in starting or the like, a change-over valve 31 interconnects cylinders 26, 27 in parallel since an input port 31A is always connected to an output port 31B. And fluid discharged from discharge ports 23, 25 of cylinders 26, 27 flows through fluid pipes paths 51, 52 and 50 toward a pressure tank. And when a predetermined pressure P1 is detected by a pressure sensor 32, a controller 33 excites an electromagnet of a change-over valve 31 to connect the input port 31A to an exhaust port 31C. Thus, a compression chamber (b) is opened and only a compression chamber (a) is continuously connected to continue pressurization. Thus, flow is large in low pressure and abrupt reduction of flow is not found after reaching the set pressure.

Shigegaki, Tadahisa
Mikitani, Toshio
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Publication Date:
January 06, 1987
Filing Date:
June 26, 1985
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International Classes:
F04B17/04; F04B25/02; F04B35/04; F04B49/00; F04B49/08; (IPC1-7): F04B17/04; F04B25/02; F04B35/04; F04B49/00