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Japanese Patent JPH07259689
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PURPOSE: To reduce the amount of magnetic material in an armature hence reduce magnetic losses and speed up actuation time by composing an armature of a high pressure fuel injector of a concentric ring member and a hub connected thereto via spokes.

CONSTITUTION: In a high pressure electromechanical fuel injector 10, fuel is supplied from a side portion of a housing 16 through a filter 12 and injected via a valve device 16. The valve device 16 has a valve needle 24 seated at a valve seat 20 due to closing force of a pre-pressure spring 22. A spoked armature 28 and the valve needle 24 are unitedly moved upward by current supply to a solenoid assembly 18, for separating the valve needle 24 from the valve seat 20. The spoked armature 28 is prepared by supporting a ring member 42 concentric with a hub 38 by means of spoke members 40 extending from the center hub 38. Magnetic attraction is executed at the center hub 38 by means of an inner side tubular member 32, that is, a magnetic piece.

Wakeman, Russell J.
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Publication Date:
October 09, 1995
Filing Date:
July 29, 1994
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International Classes:
F02M51/06; H01F7/16; F02M51/08; (IPC1-7): F02M51/06
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本田 崇