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Japanese Patent JPS63231045
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PURPOSE: To enable smooth speed change in all speed change conditions by controlling a line-pressure solenoid valve in accordance with a throttle opening at the time of speed change and making the time at which a line pressure is kept at a high pressure condition longer as the throttle opening is larger.

CONSTITUTION: At the time of carrying out shift-up when look-up is released, the off time of a solenoid valve SR is made longer as a throttle opening is larger, by a control circuit 40. On the other hand, when carrying out speed change at the time of lock-up, the speed change is carried out by the control circuit 40, with solenoid valves SR, SL kept on when the throttle opening is less than approx. 30 %, the valve SR is turned off while keeping the valve SL on at approx. 30W60 %, and the valves SR, SL are turned off at first, and, afterward, the valve SR is turned on while keeping the valve SL off at above approx. 60 %. Thereby, even when the throttle opening is large while a torque transmitting capacity is also large, a smooth speed change without a speed change shock, etc. can be carried out both at the time of lock-up and at the time of releasing the lock-up.

Okubo, Masahiro
Shiba, Hirobumi
Nakamura, Katsuma
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Publication Date:
September 27, 1988
Filing Date:
March 19, 1987
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F16H61/02; F16H45/02; F16H61/08; F16H61/10; F16H61/14; F16H61/18; F16H63/44; (IPC1-7): F16H5/64; F16H5/66; F16H45/02