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Japanese Patent JP2005241102
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To provide an eliminator of small pressure loss and having superior mist collecting effect.

This eliminator mounted on a curved part of a flow channel guiding the fluid, is provided with a plurality of elements, the elements are respectively provided with a curved-face part having the shape along the curved part, an extended-face part extended from the curved-face part to a downstream side of the flow channel, and a gutter part mounted at a downstream side end of the extended-face part. The gutter part is projected from a surface of the extended-face part so that the gutter part is divided by its extended virtual face in a case when the extended-face part is extended as it is, and the extended-face parts are constituted to have difference lengths between the elements A, B adjacent to each other, and to locate the gutter part of the element A and the gutter part of the element B adjacent to each other at different positions in the direction orthogonal to the flowing direction of the fluid.

Nakamura, Chieko
Nakamura, Atsushi
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Publication Date:
September 08, 2005
Filing Date:
February 25, 2004
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F25B43/00; B01D45/08; B01D45/16; F24F13/08; (IPC1-7): F25B43/00; B01D45/08
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田村 爾