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Japanese Patent JPS57135285
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PURPOSE: To improve the starting performance of an unloading means, by dividing a multiplicity of cylinders into a first cylinder group consisting of the number of cylinders smaller than one half of the entire cylinders and a second cylinder group consisting of remaining cylinders, and operating the cylinder or cylinders belonging to the first cylinder group under load while by-passing the exhaust gas of the cylinders belonging to the second cylinder group.

CONSTITUTION: At the time of starting Y operation, a first cylinder group B consisting of a sixth cylinder 27 is operated under load, so that the pressure of exhaust gas discharged from the sixth cylinder 27 begins to rise. On the other hand, exhaust gas discharged from a second cylinder group A consisting of remaining cylinders 22W26 is by- passed from a by- pass port into a casing 1 with opening of electromagnetic by-pass valves 57, 57, so that so-called "by-pass operation" is carried out by the second cylinder group A. Further, when Δ operation is started after passing of a predetermined time, the by-pass valves 57 are closed, so that the "by-pass operation" of the first cylinder group A is stopped. Here, since the pressure of the exhaust gas discharged from the first cylinder group A is raised, an unloading means is brought into operation awaiting condition immediately at the time of starting Δ operation, so that unloading operation can be carried out with high responsiveness.

Kai, Susumu
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August 20, 1982
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February 14, 1981
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F04B25/00; F04B49/00; F04B49/02; (IPC1-7): F04B25/00; F04B49/02

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