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Japanese Patent JP2007085711
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To provide an endless treating device capable of increasing the amount of treatment per unit time without enlarging equipment.

The endless treating device comprises a pair of rotating shafts 12 rotated in the same direction; an endless driven part 14 supported between the pair of rotating shafts 12 and driven by the rotation of the rotating shafts; a plurality of shaft parts 16 held at spaces to the endless driven part and connected in an endless state; swing plate parts 18 held to the shaft parts and swung around the shaft parts as the swing center to have a swing radial width corresponding to the spacing of the shaft parts and to hold treated objects connected in an endless state; and swing regulating parts 20 formed in band shape as a whole while individually and horizontally maintaining the swing plate parts existing between the rotating shafts excluding a portion Z close to the one rotating shaft between the pair of rotating shafts. The endless treating device is constituted to have a function of dropping the treated object M held to the swing plate part, below by the swing of the swing plate part 18 going over the swing regulating part 20.

Okawa, Hiroshi
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Publication Date:
April 05, 2007
Filing Date:
September 26, 2005
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International Classes:
F26B15/18; F26B3/04
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森岡 正往