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Japanese Patent JP2003269318
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To provide an energy absorbing device for wind force and water force arranged applicable even to irregular flow such as a river.

The energy absorbing device is arranged so that the position setting of a blade shaft is made by a deformation suppressing plate, etc., for a blade driving cable for defining the blade pitch angle or the position setting of a blade pitch angle controlling handle is made using a handle tying cable. A device in the folded line or curved line arrangement is provided as improvement of a device in the straight line arrangement. This device absorbs all energy of the whole width of flow, for example, by installing it over the whole river width, compared with a conventional hydraulic power generation in which the flow is concentrated so as to heighten the energy density. Even in case concentration of flows is difficult such as sea streams, this device absorbs the flow energy. Also this functions as a pump by adding a power unit.

Uchida, Takashi
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September 25, 2003
Filing Date:
March 15, 2002
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F04D33/00; F03B9/00; F03B11/08; F03D5/02; F03D7/06; (IPC1-7): F03D5/02; F03B9/00; F03B11/08; F03D7/06; F04D33/00