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Japanese Patent JPH07259563
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PURPOSE: To reduce the extent of hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides as well as to prevent any knocking from occurring by forming an antechamber in the peripheral edge of a combustion chamber, interconnecting it to the combustion chamber via a nozzle hole directed to the nearly tangential direction of this combustion chamber and, after ignition of an air-fuel mixture by a spark plug, getting it self-ignited in the antechamber.

CONSTITUTION: Two antechambers 11 and 12 are formed in each end of a ridgeline αat the peripheral edge of a bent roof type combustion chamber 1, and each two of nozzle holes 11a, 11b and 12a, 12b are installed in these antechambers 11 and 12 in making them point almost in the tengential direction of the combustion chamber each in reverse direction with each other in the circumferential direction of the combustion chamber. In sucession, a flame made up as the mixture is ignited by a spark plug 10 is annularly spread toward the peripheral edge of the combustion chamber centering on this spark plug 10, thereby producing a strong flow toward the antechambers 11 and 12 from the combustion chamber 1 by means of a pressure differential between both these antechambers 11 and 12, and each mixture in these antechambers 11 and 12 is self-ignited. A sub-flame to be blown out from these antechambers 11 and 12 grows larger along the peripheral edge of the combustion chamber, thereby promoting a reduction in hydrocarbon.

Kudo, Hidetoshi
Terashita, Toshiyuki
Nakayama, Yoshiaki
Yamamoto, Hiroyuki
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Publication Date:
October 09, 1995
Filing Date:
March 25, 1994
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F02B11/00; F01P3/02; F02B19/12; F02B19/16; F02B23/00; F02B23/08; F02D19/06; F02F1/42; F02M7/06; F02M25/07; F02M37/00; F02M63/00; (IPC1-7): F02B19/12; F01P3/02; F02B11/00; F02B19/16; F02B23/00; F02B23/08; F02D19/06; F02M7/06; F02M25/07; F02M37/00; F02M63/00
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村田 実