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Japanese Patent JP2005337224
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To provide an engine starter which makes it possible to easily start an engine by simply pulling a recoil rope in a field site where a starting operation can easily be carried out, and to start the engine which is at rest through one action in the field site which does not allow for an easy starting operation of the engine.

Buffer/force storing means (9, 10, 11) are mounted in a driving force transmitting system between a driving section (D) and a driven section (M) to provide an engine starting time selection means (13, 15, 16) which allows for the optional selection of an engine starting time to the driven section (M) of the engine starter (1) which automatically starts the engine by pulling the rope (6). Furthermore, the driven section (M) preferably has a torque limiter (9, 8, 10; 10, 82, 83, 84) which disables storing a larger force through a recoil operation when the force stored in the buffer/force storing means (9, 10, 11) reaches the requirement for starting the engine, and which transmits an annunciation signal which annunciates that the stored force has reached the requirement.

Kitajima, Shigenobu
Sugishita, Hisashi
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Publication Date:
December 08, 2005
Filing Date:
July 08, 2004
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International Classes:
F02N3/02; F02N5/02; F02N15/02; F16D41/12; F16D43/20; F16H31/00; F16H35/10; (IPC1-7): F02N3/02; F02N5/02; F02N15/02; F16D41/12; F16D43/20; F16H31/00; F16H35/10
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
野口 武男
塩澤 克利