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Japanese Patent JPH05148860
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PURPOSE: To improve excavating performance in water, to prevent the drop of an excavation bucket body owing to cutting of a wire rope, and to prevent the increase of a maintenance expense.

CONSTITUTION: A crane wire 28 is loosened, an excavation bucket body 1 is dropped, and a shell 23 is penetrated in earth. The crane wire 28 is then hoisted, a piston 8 is raised, and by rotating upward a transmission lever 10 of a boosting mechanism, by which a high lever ratio is produced, through a piston rod 12, a spring support 19 is lifted up through a spring support rod 15 located at the root part of the transmission lever 10, the shell 23 is rotated in an opening direction to excavate soil, and a spring 17 for energizing in a shell opening direction situated between the spring support 19 and the excavation bucket body 1 is compressed. The crane wire 28 is then loosened, the piston 8 is lowered, through the spring force of the spring 17 for energization in a shell opening direction, the spring support 19 is lowered and by opening the shell 23, soil in the shell 23 is discharged.

Egawa, Kikuji
Kitamura, Yuzo
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Publication Date:
June 15, 1993
Filing Date:
November 29, 1991
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International Classes:
E02F3/47; E21B7/12; E21B11/04; (IPC1-7): E02F3/47; E21B7/12; E21B11/04
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岡本 重文 (外1名)