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Japanese Patent JP3704613
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To shorten the term of works, and to reduce cost by a method wherein an impervious shell, in which upper and lower sections are opened, is bottomed on the bottom of water and a peripheral water area is coffered, the bottom of water in the impervious shell is excavated under the state, in which head difference is formed in the impervious shell and the inside of the impervious shell is filled with a stabilizer, and a solidifying material is driven into an excavated hole and an underground structure is constructed.
SOLUTION: Soil is improved and an improved layer 2 is formed, and guide walls 4 for the improved layer 2 are installed at the time of the weak bottom of water 1. The outer shell 6 and inner shell 7 of a beforehand manufactured impervious shell 5 are built. Flanges 6a, 7a are bottomed on the top faces of the guide walls 4 through a cutoff packing 9, and fixed by bolts and nuts. Water in the cylindrical space 8 of the impervious shell 5 is replaced with a stabilizer 12. A groove in a specified depth is excavated under an environment, in which the stabilizer 12 is filled. A stress burden material is constructed in the groove, and underwater concrete is placed and an underground structure 17 is built.

酒井 邦登
仲倉 道雄
加藤 雅也
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October 12, 2005
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April 08, 1996
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E02D19/04; E02D29/09; (IPC1-7): E02D29/09
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山口 朔生
河西 祐一
横山 正治