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Japanese Patent JP2000325764
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To ensure supporting of a filter membrane and at the same time, improve the resistance to press damage and inhibit the deterioration of a filtration efficiency due to a change in the space between pleats by providing a fabric for supporting the filter membrane consisting of fluororesin warps/wefts of a varying thickness and specifying arithmetical mean deviations of profile on both faces and their relation.

A material fluorine fiber uses a fluororesin having a melt spinning performance and is formed by melt-extruding the resin from a die head of a specified shape. Further, the fabric for supporting a filter membrane is woven using the fluorine fiber. In this case, at least two fibers having a different thickness from each other so that either of the warp or the weft is bent more significantly than is the other, are used. Thus the fabric has an irregular face on one side and a plain face on the other side. The arithmetical mean deviations of profile (Ra) on one side of the fabric is sent to be 0.5-40 μm and the arithmetical mean deviation of profile on the other side is set to be 1.5-15 times that of the one side. Consequently, it is possible to positively support even a thin polymer filter membrane and at the same time, regulate the flow of a material to be filtered with high efficiency.

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November 28, 2000
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May 17, 1999
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B01D69/10; D03D25/00; (IPC1-7): B01D69/10; D03D25/00